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Public offer on the conclusion of a contract for the provision of services

Codemoon Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor"), registered and operating in accordance with the legislation of Uzbekistan, offers an unlimited number of legal entities and sole proprietors to conclude this Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") on the following terms:


1.1. Services — a set of consulting services provided by the Contractor in the manner and on the terms defined by this Agreement and the Course Programs, which are an integral part of this Agreement.

1.2. Public offer — the Contractor's offer (set out on the Contractor's Website), addressed to an unlimited number of legal entities and sole proprietors in accordance with the legislation of Uzbekistan, to conclude this Agreement on certain conditions.

1.3. The Contractor's website is a web page on the Internet at, which is the official source of informing Users about the Contractor and the services that are provided to them.

1.4. Acceptance — full, unconditional and unconditional acceptance by the User of the terms of the Public Offer of this Agreement and the Program of the corresponding Course.

1.5. User — a legal entity or individual entrepreneur who has accepted the Contractor's Public Offer set forth in this Agreement and paid the cost of Services.

1.6. The Parties are the Contractor and the User.

1.7. Course — expressed in the form of a lecture (master class, training) or an audiovisual work (webinar or online training), a set of consulting services aimed at transmitting information to the Client on a given topic in order to provide him with the opportunity to form a certain idea about the subject under consideration, as well as the development of certain skills in the field of activity under study.

1.8. Course Program — detailed conditions for the provision of a specific Service, including, but not limited to, the following conditions:

1.8.1. Name, subject and content of the Course, names of trainers;

1.8.2. Number of hours and/or schedule (schedule) Course;

1.8.3. The Cost Of The Course.

1.8.4. Payment procedure, etc.

1.8.5 Author of the course and intensive courses Ilina A.V.

1.9. Reproduction (download) is a form of User access to the Course, in which a copy of the Course is created in electronic (digital) form with or without storage in the memory of the User's Devices.

1.10. Device — means an electronic computer (computer) and/or other device functioning on the principle of a computer, capable of processing and reproducing sound and images, both stationary and portable (including, but not limited to: mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, etc.), which has the ability to access to the global Internet.

2. Subject of the contract.

2.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide the User with consulting services in the field of information technology, namely, the organization of the User's Training Course (training) or master class (hereinafter referred to as the "Course") on a paid basis, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, and the User undertakes to accept and pay for such Services.

2.2. The User undertakes to pay the Contractor the cost of the Course that he/she is purchasing.

2.3. The Parties have agreed that the detailed content (names of topics, format, number of training hours or schedule of classes, etc.) of the Training Course (training) is agreed by the Parties in the Program of the training course (training), which is posted on the Contractor's Website.

2.4. The Parties agree that the Contractor does not guarantee any financial or other results of the User's use of the Courses purchased from the Contractor in their activities.

2.5. No claims on the effectiveness of the User's application of the knowledge and skills obtained as a result of listening to/viewing Courses can be presented to the Contractor. The responsibility for the use of this knowledge and skills, as well as for any results, direct or side effects resulting from the use of this knowledge and skills, lies entirely with the User.

3. Terms of service.

3.1. Consulting services are provided in the form of a lecture (master class or training) or in the form of remote playback of the Course on the User's Device (recording or live broadcast), in accordance with the curriculum and schedule (schedule) of classes developed by the Contractor and contained in the Course Program posted in the relevant section of the Contractor's Website.

3.2. The term (schedule) of training is determined in accordance with the Course Program.

3.3. The acceptance of this Agreement is the payment by the Client, in full or in part, of the cost of the relevant Course and means the full and unconditional acceptance by the User of the terms of this Agreement and is equivalent to the User's handwritten signature under the Agreement.

3.4. From the moment the funds are credited to the Contractor's account, this offer is considered accepted, and the contract is concluded.

3.5. Acceptance procedure:

3.5.1. The User chooses a Course on the Contractor's website and gets acquainted with the payment terms.

3.5.2. After selecting the required Course(s), the User makes an application for a consultation or immediately goes to the shopping cart and makes a payment.

3.5.3. If the Course is provided in a remote format (webinar, online training), then before starting such a Course, the User receives a link to access this Course, which will be sent to the email address specified by the User when purchasing the Course.

3.5.5. From the moment of acceptance of this Offer, the User's unilateral withdrawal from the Contract is unacceptable.

3.5.6. The Service is considered rendered from the moment the Contractor provides all the information provided in the relevant Course Program.

4. Rights and obligations of the Contractor:

4.1. The Contractor has the right to:

4.1.1. To receive from the User the information necessary for the provision of services under this Agreement;

4.1.2. Receive payment for the services provided in the amounts and terms stipulated by this Agreement and the relevant Course Program.

4.1.3. Cancel, interrupt or postpone any Courses, change their materials, value and weight of any assignment, test or exam.

4.1.4. Publish any materials and reviews created by the User during the Course, without any restrictions or compensation from the User.

4.2. The Contractor undertakes:

4.2.1. Provide the User with consulting services in accordance with this Agreement and the relevant Course Program.

4.2.2. Inform the User about the rules and requirements for the organization of the provision of consulting services, their quality and content, about the rights and obligations of the User when receiving services.

4.2.3. Develop a curriculum, organize classes;

4.2.4. If necessary, provide the User with educational materials and literature.

4.2.5. Issue an electronic certificate of completion of the Training Course, which will be stored on the Contractor's website for 60 (sixty) calendar days after the end of the Course. The user has the right to print such a certificate independently.

5. Rights and obligations of the User.

5.1. The User has the right to:

5.1.1. To receive Services of proper quality in accordance with the Course Program.

5.1.2. Upon successful completion of the training course, obtain a Certificate of completion.

5.2. The User undertakes:

5.2.1. Study conscientiously according to the program, attend theoretical and practical classes, do not miss them without good reasons.

5.2.2. Perform homework as part of the Course, in accordance with the instructions of the Contractor and / or his representatives, and within the time limits specified by them.

5.2.3. Timely pay for Services in the amounts and within the time limits established by this Agreement and the Course Program.

5.2.4. Comply with the requirements of the legislation of Uzbekistan and the requirements of the Contract for the organization of the provision of Services.

5.2.5. Refrain during the Course from actions that: may prevent other Users, invited persons or lecturers from participating in the Course and receiving information during the Course. may cause damage to the property of other users, invited persons, lecturers or Performers, owners or users of the premises in which the Course is held. violate public order, including offending those present, express themselves in the use of obscene expressions and/or loud conversations, creating noise with the help of devices, etc. humiliate the honor, dignity, business reputation of the Performer, other users, invited persons or lecturers, including by posting information on the Internet, printed publications, mailings or in any other way that is public. manifest themselves in the use of audio or video equipment for the purpose of copying Course materials or without it.

5.2.6. If it is provided for by the Course Program — pass the final internal test (exam).

6. Cost of services and payment procedure.

6.1. The total cost of the services provided to the User under this Agreement is the total amount of the Courses paid by the User.

6.2. The cost of a specific Course is determined by the Contractor in the Course Program, which is posted on the Contractor's Website or is reported by the manager of the Contractor's company personally to the client.

6.3. The cost of the Services provided for in this Agreement is paid by the User in a non-cash form, by transfer to the Contractor's current account or by means of payment on the website.

6.4. The Contractor has the right not to refund the funds paid by the User for training if more than one lesson of the Course is open and refused the Services.

6.5. In case of early termination of the Contract on the initiative of the Contractor, the Contractor returns the funds only for those classes of the Course that were not conducted by the Contractor. The Course classes held in this case are not compensated.

6.6. If the User refuses to study before the start of the Course, the Contractor returns the paid advance in full. In case of payment of the entire amount — 100% of the Contract value, the User is refunded funds in the amount of 90% of the funds paid.

6.7. The amount of payment is set for the entire duration of the Course and cannot be changed.

7. Responsibility of the Parties.

7.1. For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under this agreement, the parties are responsible in accordance with the current legislation of Uzbekistan.

7.2. The Contractor's services and all related materials are provided "as is", without express or implied warranties. the contractor does not provide any guarantees, including commercial suitability, suitability for certain purposes and non-infringement of the rights of third parties, as well as guarantees arising from business relations or business practices. in addition, the contractor disclaims responsibility related to the user's access to the services and related materials, as well as their use. the user agrees that he/she accesses the services and related materials and uses them at his/her own risk.

7.3. To the maximum extent permitted by the legislation of Uzbekistan, the Contractor is not responsible for indirect, incidental, actual, indirect or direct losses, directly or indirectly lost profits or non-receipt of income, loss of data, performance, goodwill or other intangible assets related to a) the User's access to the Services and their use or the inability of such access or use; b) with materials or behavior, including disgraceful, offensive or illegal, of any third party; or c) with unauthorized access, use or modification of User materials or information. Under no circumstances can the total amount of liability for all claims regarding the services exceed the greater of the following two amounts: twenty US dollars ($20). USD) or the total amount received from the User for using paid services during the last six months.

7.4. The User agrees that the disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability set out in these terms reflect a reasonable and fair distribution of risks, and are also a prerequisite for the provision of services by the Contractor for an affordable fee.

7.5. The User agrees that any claim related to the Services must be submitted to the court within the limitation period of one (1) year after the occurrence of the grounds for it, otherwise such a ground is considered invalid.

7.6. The User agrees that in case of non-compliance by the User with clause 5.2.3 of this Agreement concerning the obligation to pay in a timely manner, the Contractor has the right not only to suspend the provision of services and access to the Course until the payment is made, but also to terminate this Agreement on the basis of clause 9.1.3 of this Agreement.

7.7. In case of violation by the User of clause 12.1 of this Agreement and use of course materials not for personal purposes, distribution of Course materials in any way and regardless of the circle of persons, the Contractor has the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally, block the user's access to the Course and/ or the site, without refund of the funds paid by the User for the Course.

8. Force majeure.

8.1. The Parties are released from liability for non-fulfillment of obligations if this non-fulfillment is caused by circumstances that do not depend on the will of the Parties, namely: military actions, natural disasters, man-made and other accidents, strikes, lockouts, acts of authorities or management, etc., which makes it impossible to fulfill the terms of this Agreement (hereinafter Force-major).

8.2. Force majeure is applied, and the Party for whom it occurred is released from liability for violation of the terms of this Agreement, if there is a written confirmation (conclusion, certificate) of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan about the occurrence of force majeure.

8.3. The Party for whom Force Majeure has occurred undertakes to immediately notify the other Party and provide documents confirming Force Majeure.

8.4. Upon receipt of such notification by the other party, the fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement is suspended for the entire period of Force Majeure.

8.5. In case of Force Majeure for more than 3 months, each of the parties has the right to initiate the termination of the Contract.

9. Termination of the Contract.

9.1. This Agreement is terminated:

9.1.1. By agreement of the parties;

9.1.2. If a Party to the Agreement cannot fulfill its obligations due to the adoption of regulatory legal acts that have changed the conditions established by this Agreement, and either Party does not agree to amend the Agreement.

9.1.3. In cases of violation by the User of the conditions provided for in clauses 5.2.3, 5.2.4, 5.2.5, 12.1 of this Agreement.

9.1.4. In other cases stipulated by this Agreement and the current legislation of Uzbekistan.

9.2. The agreement is suspended if the entire group refuses to take the Course, together with which the User takes this Course.

10. Processing of personal data.

10.1. The User confirms that he voluntarily and gratuitously provides consent to the processing of his personal data (including surname, first name and patronymic, registered place of residence and/or actual place of residence, identification number, data on state registration; bank details, phone numbers and email addresses, etc. d.) in the Contractor's personal data database "Clients", including for collection, registration, inclusion in the database, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, updating, use, distribution (distribution, transfer), depersonalization, destruction of personal data in the database on the territory of Uzbekistan in order to fulfill obligations under this contract and in order to ensure the implementation of tax relations, business relations, civil law relations and relations in the field of accounting. The User consents to the transfer of his personal data to third parties in the minimum necessary amounts and only for the purpose of fulfilling obligations under this Agreement, which correspond to the objective reason for the collection of relevant data.

10.2. The User confirms that he has been informed of his rights defined by the Law of Uzbekistan "On the Protection of Personal Data" from ZRU-547-son 02.07.2019, with amendments and additions, the purpose of processing and collecting personal data.

11. The term of the Offer.

11.1. This Public Offer comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Contractor's Website and is valid until it is withdrawn by the Contractor.

11.2. The Contractor has the right to amend the terms of the Offer at any time and/or withdraw the Offer at any time at its discretion. If the Contractor makes changes to the Offer, such changes will take effect from the moment the amended text of the Offer is posted on the Contractor's Website, unless another term for the changes to take effect is defined directly in the text of the amended Offer.

12. Intellectual property.

12.1. The Contractor grants the User a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use the Services and any materials or information obtained during the Course or on the Website. The User may use the materials and any information provided within the framework of the Services or on the Site only for personal, non-commercial use, except in cases when the User has received written permission from the Contractor to use them for other purposes.

12.2. The User agrees to create and use only one account and not to transfer access or credentials to access it to third parties.

12.3. The use of the Services does not give the User the right of material or intellectual property to the Services or materials used.

12.4. Together with the materials created during the Course, the User grants the Contractor a fully transferable, gratuitous, perpetual, sublicensable, non-exclusive, worldwide license to copy, distribute, modify, publicly distribute and reproduce the User's materials, as well as to create derivative works and use for other purposes.

12.5. The license specified in clause 12.4 of this Agreement gives the Contractor the right to provide the User's materials to other Users who will purchase the Contractor's Services in the future. This condition does not limit the Contractor's other legal rights to the User's materials, for example, under other licenses. The Contractor has the right to delete or change the User's materials for any reason, including if, in the opinion of the Contractor, they do not comply with the Contract.

13. Final provisions.

13.1. The Parties have established that any disputes and claims will be resolved by the parties through negotiations.

13.2. The Parties are aware that the Services are provided by the Contractor, who is registered and operates under the legislation of Uzbekistan, whose place of residence is also registered in Uzbekistan.

13.3. Taking into account clause 12.2. of this Agreement, the Parties agreed to consider the place of residence of the Contractor specified in Article 14 of this Agreement as the place of making this transaction and the place of rendering Services.

13.4. By accepting this Offer, the User agrees that all disputes related to this Agreement will be considered in accordance with the legislation of Uzbekistan without regard to conflict of laws rules. The User also agrees that all such disputes are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Uzbekistan.

13.5. The headings used in the articles and paragraphs of this Offer are used only for references and convenience of using the text. These headings cannot be considered as defining, limiting or changing, or affecting the meaning and meaning of the terms of this Offer or any part thereof.

13.6. If any of the provisions of this Offer is declared invalid, the validity of its remaining provisions will not be lost.

13.7. In all cases not provided for by this Offer, the Parties are guided by the current legislation of Uzbekistan.

14. Details of the Contractor.

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